DLR Conference on Climate Change

Flora K?ln
Am Botanischen Garten 1a
50735 K?ln

Climate Research in the light of the Paris Agreement.
In collaboration with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

How can we actively improve the measures we can take to combat the negative effects of changes in climatic processes? To reinforce its continued support of this vital issue the German Aerospace Center (DLR e.V.) is once again organizing an international forum - the DLR Conference on Climate Change (CCC 2020). This time we will be concentrating on developing ideas for specific steps to take concerning mitigation and adapting climate change influences.

As on the previous two occasion’s prominent international scientists, space agencies andinterested parties together with representation from the United Nations such as UNOOSA, UNSPIDER, ⁠UNFCCC⁠, ⁠WMO⁠ and GCOS will be joining force to exchange ideas and intensify our joint knowledge of the effects of climate change. The aim is to provide a concrete basis for the implementation of suitable counter measures which can be adopted by governmental and non-governmental entities.

CCC 2020 serve as a platform for the communication and networking between the participants regarding state-of-the-art approaches in the field Atmospheric Research for Understanding and Mitigating Climate Change the discussion of new and improved techniques with regard to environmental aspects and statutory demands and provisions the discussion and recommendation of future directions for atmospheric research for understanding and mitigating climate change.

We would greatly appreciate your active support by submitting abstracts (online only and in English) for poster presentations to the main topics of the Conference:

Improving our knowledge of the climate system Remote sensing for climate change AI4Climate ⁠Mitigation⁠ of climate change and the transition in the energy and transport sector ⁠Adaptation⁠ to climate change with particular emphasis on transport, energy production and infrastructure.

The registration is closed. To register please send an email to CCC[@]dlr.de.

For more information please look at the organizer's website.?Please check this website again for receiving updated information, or visit www.dlr.de/CCC2020.

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